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I have personally used this plugin since last summer and I use it for many purposes. And with hundreds of happy customers also using it I'm very confident to offer you my tried-and-true Smart AI Content Creator Plugin with ALL the Add-ons at one crazy low price, but just for a limited time.

The button says $97, but I've programmed the coupon into the link so you should see $67 at checkout. If you don't, simply enter coupon code OFF30 into the coupon field and click "apply" and you'll see your discount. The coupon will be deactivated without notice, so govern yourself accordingly!

If you want to know more about Smart AI Content Creator - 

Here is the original demo video from the launch for the front end product which you receive. I made this video about a year ago and since this was made I've already added several new sections including the long-form text writer called the "Brain Builder" and also a full text rewriter tool which aren't mentioned in the demo

The front end plugin comes with the "Creator Console" where you can create any kind of text content you want in a WP editor and add AI Images that you can create right in the WordPress Media library. It's fully integrated. You also get a "blog post helper" that appears when you're writing new content so you can get ideas or full posts directly from the AI right in the blog post/page editor.

Here is the original sales video for the AI Silo Factory OTO1 which you receive.

The Smart AI Silo Factory is a visual website designer that allows you to envision your website's silo structure and build it right in front of your eyes without doing any WordPress work. You can build it manually or have AI create the entire website structure in front of your eyes. Once you're happy with the structure you can save your silo for later, or execute it directly to your blog and watch it bloom like a beautiful flower and come to life. Create brand new websites, or add structures to existing websites.

Here is the original sales video for Smart AI Campaigns OTO2 which you receive.

Smart AI Campaigns is a set-it-and-forget-it solution to ongoing blog or website content. Each self-directed campaign creates the kind of content you want, on the schedule you require, including engaging blog content with beautiful images. Smart AI CC allows you to embed links in your content, and with Smart AI Campaigns your links are created for every post, following a tried-and-true linking strategy. My other "secret" feature ensures you can auto-blog with unique and engaging subject lines every time so you content doesn't look all the same. Man this is a great tool - I use it myself all the time.

You Receive All of the Above in Today's Deal just $97

I don't know how long I will be keeping this discount open. So go ahead and grab this now so you don't forget - use the coupon OFF30 now, while it's still active!

The Answer to Your Content Creation Woes

SMAICC is not just another plugin. It's a revolution. Harnessing the capabilities of multiple AI providers, it’s set to redefine how you view content creation for your WordPress websites.

Here’s what S.M.A.I.C.C. brings to your WordPress dashboard:

Comprehensive Content Solution: Whether it’s blog posts, ad copies, sales pages, or in-depth articles, SMAICC has got you covered.

AI-Powered Image Creation: Turn your words into visually appealing images, save them directly to your WordPress media, or download them for other uses.

Blog Post Helper: Not just creating, but enhancing! Elevate your existing content or whip up new masterpieces with our inbuilt helper.

Plus I'm giving away all these bonuses below when you pick up Smart AI Content Creator Bundle!

Bonus #1:  AI Search Playbook Value: $97


Bonus #2:  AI Website Playbook Value: $97


Bonus #3:  AI Content Marketing Playbook Value: $97


Bonus #4:  ChatGPT Plugins Playbook Value: $97


Bonus #5:  AI Video Playbook Value: $97


Bonus #6:  AI Text-to-Video LIVE Masterclass Value: $97


Bonus #7: Content Marketing Champion (Value $147)


Bonus #8:  Money Machines with AI Images (Value $47)


CM Champion and its Video Upgrade come with Master Resell Rights!

Bonus #9: TikTok Ads Training (Value $147)


comes with Master Resell Rights.

Bonus #10: Amazing Images with Midjourney (Value $47)


Bonus #11:   3,000 ChatGPT Prompts (Value $47)


Important:  This Is A Time/Quantity Sensitive Offer - Act Now To Guarantee Your Bonuses

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