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Revolutionize Your WordPress Content Strategy with Next-Gen A.I.!

Digital Marketers, Bloggers, Niche Webmasters, Affiliates and ANYONE Who Uses Wordpress - TAKE NOTE:


  • Slaving to Write It Yourself😨
  • Paying for "Crap" Writing 💩
  • Scraping & Spinning 🤮
  • Wasting Time with Complicated Software 😠

Unlock A.I. and Transform Your Blogging Instantly!

Boost Your Content with AI
Effortless, Secure, Affordable with 100% money back guarantee
Create Any Kind of Content Fast
Create Content for Any Purpose
Integrated 100% with Wordpress!

Revolutionize your blogging experience with Smart AI Content Creator

the ultimate AI-powered WordPress plugin

that creates Engaging, Informative and Search-Friendly Content


Beautiful and Gorgeous A.I. Images Right Inside Wordpress!

Hi, my name is Hugh and I'm the CEO and Chief Software Architect for Web Dimensions, Inc., the company that publishes Smart AI Content Creator. I've always tried to stay at the forefront of the digital world, people say I have a knack for creating game-changing software. Over the years, I've released some tools that helped a lot of people and transformed the way marketers work.

But when AI began to make waves, I saw an opportunity not just to follow the trend, but to revolutionize it. So instead of launching another cloud-based tool where you have to log into MY site, I envisioned a powerful WordPress plugin that seamlessly integrates A.I. into YOUR Wordpress blog.

With Smart AI Content Creator I'm not just offering a software or a plugin -- I'm literally bringing cutting-edge technology right to your digital doorstep! My goal is to empower YOU as a content creator to harness the power of AI quickly and easily and I believe I've done that with Smart AI Content Creator plugin for Wordpress.

Let me ask you this question:

Have you ever felt the pressure of maintaining a consistent content stream for your WordPress site? The demand for fresh, engaging, and unique content is unending, but the time and effort it takes can be overwhelming.

Sourcing Content Can Be a Real GRIND...

  • doing Endless Manual Writing - Trying to become an expert on everything and typing it all - will wear out your fingers, eventually!
  • Wasting Money on Low-Quality Articles - buying articles from "writer" websites usually turns out to be expensive "crap". Am I right?
  • Scraping and Spinning - is a terrible, unethical practice from the last decade, that churns out barely legible content and can easily damage your brand reputation if you're not careful.
  • Learning Too Many Complicated Software Tools - Everyone and their brother wants you to "log in" and learn their entire system in order to get results.
  • What if you could just have the content written for you by an SEO expert who is an EXPERT on ANY TOPIC? What if they would write ANYTHING you WANT Instantly, ANY TIME you ask -- right on your blog?
Smart AI Content Creator "ALIGNs" with your goals -- because it runs right inside your Wordpress Blog!

And -- you can use it for any purpose - not just Blogging (although it's GREAT for that!)

Watch this DEMO of how Smart AI Content Creator REVOLUTIONIZES the Content Creation Process:

Tap the video to watch the DEMO

Now, Let Smart AI Content Creator Take Over the Hard Work!

  • Any Copy You Need - for Just about Anything - in Seconds - Whether it’s blog posts, ad copy, product reviews, sales pages, legal pages, in-depth articles, or even Stories, Smart AI Content Creator has got you covered.
  • High Quality Content at Your Fingertips - Smart AI Content Creator writes with Expertise in Any niche and knows how to optimize for Quality SEO.
  • Write in Any Style - from Albert Einstein to Peewee Herman, Smart AI Content Creator can assume any writing identity you ask for (almost!)
  • A.I. Powered Image Suite Included - this feature alone is worth more than the low price of the entire plugin! Choose from 50+ A.I. image algorithms, type in your description and beautiful, unique images appear for your use in the blog's media library or to download for any purpose!
  • Smart AI Content Creator is Newbie Friendly - Very Simple Interface - Use our Creator Console or just use Wordpress as usual and you'll see Smart AI Content Creator tools always by your side to help!
  • Silly Low Price - During this Special Launch Period, you can get Smart AI Content Creator for a ridiculously LOW ONE TIME PRICE. Don't kick yourself later when it goes to a Monthly Subscription! Get On Board Now.
Get Smart AI Content Creator Now
  • Create Beautiful Content - Fast!
  • Publish Now or Schedule for Later
  • Highly Engaging and Converting Text
  • Powerful A.I. Image Suite Included
  • Integrates Directly with Wordpress -
  • inside Posts & Page Editor and the Media Library!

More Content, Better Keyword Indexing, More Traffic results in More Opt-ins and Sales

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And, In Case You're Wondering....

Why Smart AI Content Creator?

Creator Console: All-in-One Solution for WordPress Content Mastery

Streamlined Content Generation: No more staring at a blank screen or toggling between multiple platforms. Input a few key ideas, and the Creator Console crafts content that's both engaging and consistent. Blog post, ad copy, sales pitch—you name it, it delivers.

Integrated Media Experience: The Creator Console isn't just about text. With its "Add Media" feature, users can instantly access the Media Library. But here's where it gets exciting: nestled within the media popup is the Smart AI Image Creator, armed with over 50 algorithms. Create, select, and insert the perfect visuals, all without ever leaving the console.

Tailored Content & Visuals: Every brand is unique, and the Creator Console ensures that uniqueness shines through. Whether it's the tone of the content or the style of the image, it's tailored to resonate with your audience.

User-Centric Design: A tool can be powerful and still user-friendly. The Creator Console's design emphasizes an intuitive experience, ensuring both novices and pros can get the best out of it.

Transform Your Visuals with Smart A.I. Image Creator

Extensive Algorithm Library: With over 50 A.I. algorithms at your fingertips, the possibilities are endless. Whether it's a blog post banner, a product image, or a captivating thumbnail, find the perfect algorithm to craft your vision.

Seamless WordPress Integration: One of the standout features of this tool is its deep integration with the WordPress platform. Whether you're working in the Creator Console or the native post editor, the Media Library now houses the A.I. Image Creation Section, ensuring visuals are always a click away.

Tailored Visuals for Every Need: Your brand and content are unique. The A.I. Image Creation Section recognizes this, allowing users to create bespoke visuals that resonate with their audience, reinforcing brand identity and message cohesion.

User-friendly Experience: Crafted with users in mind, navigating the Image Creation Section is a breeze. Whether you're an A.I. novice or tech-savvy, the tool ensures a smooth experience, making visual creation effortless and fun.

Post Helper AI Writing Assistant: The Game-Changer Every WordPress Blogger Needs

Full Post Creation: Not just an editor, the Post Helper can craft entire blog posts for you—title, body, and keyword tags included. No more writer’s block or rushed deadlines; get quality content whenever you need it.

Integrated Image Suggestions: After crafting a post, the AI suggests prompts to use in the Smart AI Image creator section. With these, generating the perfect visual to complement your content is a breeze. No need for separate tools or platforms. It’s all integrated, thanks to the synergy between Post Helper and the Image Creation section.

Seamless Media Library Access: For those familiar with WordPress, the media library is a frequent stop. With Smart AI Content Creator installed, every time you access your media library for images or photos, the Smart AI Image creator becomes instantly available. This eliminates the constant toggling between tools and platforms, streamlining the entire content creation process.

Versatile Writing Modes: Whether you need a short paragraph, a quotation, or an extensive article, Post Helper adapts to your needs. With the Free Text algorithm, the boundaries are almost limitless. Craft content exactly how you envision it, whether it’s a print piece, a digital post, or a snippet for social media.

Effortless, Secure, Affordable with 100% money back guarantee

PUT SIMPLY: Smart AI Content Creator creates all kinds of interesting and engaging text and website content in seconds, including headlines, tags and suggested image prompts - all SEO optimized for your keyword or topic.
PLUS: Smart AI Content Creator comes with a full suite of AI text-to-image tools - type in your prompt and receive beautiful pics from Dall-e, DeepAI and Supermachine - all integrated with the Wordpress media library
AND ALSO: Choose from 10+ different content types: Blog Posts, Short and Long Articles, Stories, Ad Copy, Sales Letters, Product Reviews and more... with our growing library of coded in prompts
User-tested, Top Rated, Widely Adopted - 100% Customer happiness

Here at Web Dimensions, we make "Dog-gone" Sure You're Happy!

If you need some hand-holding to get started, just reach out!
Hugh's customer service is LEGENDARY, just check out these TESTIMONIALS:

It's Time to Stop Wasting Your Time and Start Leveraging A.I.

STOP Struggling to create engaging content... Let Smart AI Content Creator do the heavy lifting for you!

I know exactly how you feel...

STOP Wasting hours on content creation. Let Smart AI Content Creator generate high-quality articles in minutes.

It doesn't have to be this way...

STOP Feeling overwhelmed by the constant demand for fresh content - do it in a Snap! with Smart AI Content Creator!

Don't you want to put an end to all this?...

this image was created with Smart AI Content Creator
Upgrade Your Content Strategy

Transform Your Website(s) with AI-Powered Content!

(Effortless, Secure, Affordable with 100% money back guarantee)

Step 1: Install Plugin and Save Your Keys

Smart AI Content Creator is a plugin for Wordpress. Install it on your Wordpress blog like any other plugin, enter your license key and your API keys, and Your Content Creator is online.

Step 2: Ask Smart Creator for the Content You Want

Just select a content type from the items in the list - you have blog post, short or long article, story, ad copy, sales page, and more to choose from - then type in a few descriptive words, and click the button

Step 3: Marvel at the Astonishing Results!

Smart AI Content Creator is pre-programmed to return the most incredible writing content for whatever you ask for. At the same time, it gives you the title and keyword tags in case you're ready to post, along with a suggested prompt to use in the A.I. Image section!


Who is Smart A.I. Content Creator For?

Content Marketers
SEO Specialists
Website Designers
Digital Marketers
Online Business Owners
Get Smart AI Content Creator Now
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As My Gifts to You For Trying Smart A.I. Content Creator, You Will Also Receive the Following Valuable Bonuses:

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Bonus #1:  AI Search Playbook Value: $97


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Bonus #6:  AI Text-to-Video LIVE Masterclass Value: $97


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Bonus #7: Content Marketing Champion (Value $147)


Bonus #8:  Money Machines with AI Images (Value $47)


CM Champion and its Video Upgrade come with Master Resell Rights!

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Bonus #9: TikTok Ads Training (Value $147)


comes with Master Resell Rights.

Bonus #10: Amazing Images with Midjourney (Value $47)


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Bonus #11:   3,000 ChatGPT Prompts (Value $47)


Important:  This Is A Time/Quantity Sensitive Offer - Act Now To Guarantee Your Bonuses

Get Smart AI Content Creator Now
to Guarantee ALL these Bonuses
Effortless, Secure, Affordable with 100% money back guarantee

Revolutionize your blogging experience with Smart AI Content Creator

the ultimate AI-powered WordPress plugin

that creates Engaging, Informative and Search-Friendly Content


Beautiful and Gorgeous A.I. Images Right Inside Wordpress!

Test Drive It Risk Free For 30 Days

Your Purchase is protected with our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Try Smart AI Content Creator for thirty days. Enjoy the integration between AI and Wordpress. Finally, Enjoy Better SEO and Traffic. Put all the usual content creation pains and problems behind you. No more "writing content manually". If you aren't able to transform your results, or indeed if you just aren't satisfied, at any time, or for any reason, let me know and your purchase will be fully and completely refunded. It's just that simple.

Increased Efficiency, Consistent High Quality leads to Enhanced Engagement and SEO Benefits

Lower Costs, Reduce Stress, Standardize Your Branding and Encourage Innovation!

  •  Create Any Kind of Document or Text with Advanced Generative A.I.
  •  Create & Publish A.I. Content Specifically For the Blog, or Export Content and Use For Any Purpose
  •  Generate Beautiful A.I. Images choose from over 50 Different Image Models/Algorithms
  •  Create Excellent Blog Content (Blog Posts AND Full Articles) Fast (in minutes) - Schedule for Future or Post Now
  •  Create Gobsmackingly Awesome Marketing Copy for Any Purpose including Sales Pages and Product Reviews
  •  Write Stories of any Setting, Character or Event or let AI Invent it for you
  •  Comprehensive Documentation & Video Training
  •  Hugh is Known Throughout the Industry for his Award-winning Customer Service and Support
  •  Your Purchase is Risk-Free with our 30 Day Unconditional Money-back Guarantee
OK! Smart AI Content Creator L👀KS Amazing, But...WHAT'S THE CATCH?

You're just seconds away from being able to create unbelievable content lightning fast, including any kind of text you need for any purpose -- and glowingly beautiful images, too -- all from inside your Wordpress blog. But there's one thing you need to know...

You can imagine the level of integration here, the time & money that went into building and integrating Smart AI Content Creator...

You know how time-consuming it is to write every piece of content by hand, and how expensive and terrible the results are when you buy articles or scrape and spin.

And you've seen the results that I've been getting with this day after day...

But I can't keep this open much longer at this price. I have to draw the line somewhere, to protect my own personal results - and those of my Inner Circle (which is who I created this for in the first place).

That's why I'm limiting the number of people who will actually get a copy of Smart AI Content Creator. Now here's what this means for you...

You have a very limited window of opportunity. A few short moments to get Smart AI Content Creator... unlock the power of AI, integrated with your Wordpress... and finally build that dream website in no time - heck, build a hundred of 'em! It's that easy with Smart AI Content Creator. My advice: take this opportunity with both hands, before I close this launch down.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ)

Q: What is Smart AI Content Creator?

A: Smart AI Content Creator is an innovative WordPress plugin that seamlessly weaves A.I. into your Wordpress blog, to make Content Creation a breeze. But it doesn't just write blog posts - Smart AI Content Creator can produce any kind of writing piece that you ask for, and you're not limited to publish it to your Wordpress blog - you can use the content for any purposes. Although it really makes Blogging a breeze 😀 There is also an A.I. image creation tool embedded seamlessly in the Wordpress Media Library.

Q: How does Smart AI Content Creator work?

A: Smart AI Content Creator connects to our network of A.I. providers, where we craft the very best content using our proprietary prompting system - this is what makes it so easy - you just make a selection or two, type in a word or two and then Smart AI Content Creator does the rest. You can also sidestep the prompt interpretation by using the "Free Text" option in the interface, then writing your own prompt.

Q: How does Smart AI Content Creator generate images for my posts?

A: Smart AI Content Creator utilizes our three API partners to provide over 50 different imaging models and algorithms in a seamlessly embedded Wordpress media library tab. Simply open the Media Library, select "Smart AI Images", enter your prompt and click the button to receive the most beautiful, original A.I. created images which you can then save to your Media Library for use in your content.

Q: Do I need any technical expertise to use Smart AI Content Creator?

A: Hmmm... let's see... 🤔 can you type one or two words, and then click a button? Then I think you're eminently qualified to use this plugin 😀 But seriously, no, there is absolutely no need to have any sort of technical expertise to use this plugin. This is 100% Newby-Friendly. That's the beauty of A.I. - it does virtually EVERYTHING for you at this point.

Q: Is the content generated by Smart AI Content Creator SEO-friendly?

A: Yes, absolutely. Our proprietary prompts include instructions for the A.I. to behave as a professional SEO expert when crafting blog posts or articles, so they come out with best SEO practices applied.

Q: Does the Smart AI Content Creator work with any WordPress theme or builder?

A: Yes, absolutely. Since it's a plugin, its pages appear within the WP-Admin area, which isn't affected by a theme. If you are using Smart AI Content Creator to publish content on the blog itself, then of course it makes a difference which theme you are using, but that has no effect on the content that you've created with Smart AI Content Creator - a different theme is just a different view of the same data - namely, the same blog posts. I will be providing training on how to maximize the beauty of your content with the best themes.

Q: How many websites can I install Smart AI Content Creator on?

A: The base plugin comes with 3 installs, however it is VERY easy to transfer your license to another website.

Q: Is there a way to get more website installs?

A: Yes, we have an upgrade to 25 blogs and if you join my membership you can have unlimited installs. I suggest you try the plugin out first and then make your decision.

Q: Does Smart AI Content Creator require any API keys or external programs, and if so are the expensive?

A: Smart AI Content Creator utilizes APIs from three different providers: OpenAI, DeepAI, and Riku/Standard Diffusion. I will offer you an opportunity to upgrade your plugin so that you don't have to have any API keys. But if you decide not to upgrade, then you will require an API key for OpenAI, for DeepAI, and for Riku/Standard Diffusion. Let me eliminate any worries about the cost of the API accounts - they are VERY CHEAP! I would not worry about it at all. It's just pennies.

Q: Does Smart AI Content Creator have any add-ons I can get?

A: Yes, there are currently two add-ons available, for website building and for auto-blogging. I'll let you know about it after you get the plugin.


Click The Button Below Now For
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Quick Recap - Here's What You're Getting:

  • Smart A.I. Content Creator Plugin for Wordpress INCLUDES:
  • 1. Smart A.I. Creator Console
    Pre-programmed with our finely-honed algorithms so you can create virtually any type of content with minimal input
  • 2. Smart A.I. Images Creator Console
    Arguably worth the price of the plugin for this one feature - comes integrated directly with the Wordpress Media Library
  • 3. Smart A.I. Post & Page Writing Assistant
    Your best friend any time you're writing a new post or page - Smart A.I. Content Creator Writing Assistant is there with you!
  • 4. Comprehensive Training - Docs and Full Video Training Course
    Quick & easy-to-learn walkthroughs for every feature
  • 5. Live Webinar Training
    Hugh will run at least one live webinar where you can ask any questions to make sure you get off on the right foot!
  • 6. $2,497 worth of Valuable Bonuses
    All the bonuses you see listed on this page - and more to be announced!
  • 7. Award-winning Support
    Hugh and his team will bend over backwards to make sure you're getting everything you need.
  • 8. Our Unconditional 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
    If you've tried the plugin and it just didn't fit in with your needs, just let us know within 30 days and we'll return every penny of your money to you.

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